Floralia - Gran Cuvée Rosé - Extra Dry

Floralia - Vini Fiorotto

Transition. More than a color, pink is like a suspended mood, a delicate transition from white to red in shades never quite one or the other.

Floralia, Gran Cuvée Rosé gives a magical sensation midpoint between two hues.
The rosé color is obtained after brief maceration of red Raboso (60%), Cabernet (30%) and Merlot (10%) grapes.

Just a few hours are needed to get that special tint recalling springtime sunsets: you must seize the moment, an instant earlier it's too pale, an instant later it's too dark.

Its finely balanced sugar residue and embracing fragrances give this wine softness and great adaptability. Floralia is suitable for appetizers and for dessert. Aperitif “cool”, joins its magnification with aperitif to drink after work or an evening time with friends.

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Extra 4 - Prosecco Superiore Docg Millesimato

Extra 4 - Vini Fiorotto

Endearing. The Millesimato Extra 4 is characterized by a lively straw yellow colour with light green glares and by a fine and vivacious perlage. Everyone likes it and has the arrogance to capture the attention of those who drink it. It is the result of careful vinification but above all of lengthy refinement that enhances its characteristics.

The nose is fragrant and fruity, with fresh notes of Golden apple and white peach, delicately floral and with a soft touch of acacia flowers and hints of orange fruits. The taste is perfectly dry and reveals a good body and a sapidity which combines itself with the acid structure and makes the wine a pleasant and fresh drink.

Its long finish is enlivened by the aromatic notes which come into evidence with the olfactory post-sensations. Very good as aperitif and excellent throughout the meal.

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Dominus - Prosecco Superiore Docg Millesimato - Brut

Dominus - Vini Fiorotto

Character. The millesimato Brut is the one that expresses the best of the character of the territory and the particularities that each year brings. Weather always writes unpredictable stories and their finales are the products of love between man and earth.

The flowery bouquet is highlighted by pleasant features that recall ripe fruits of season and demonstrate an austere, not aggressive character, a prelude to the dry, vibrant and powerful flavour.

With accompanying is excellent throughout the meal with white meats and sea food or tasty and gentle main.

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Memento - Prosecco Superiore Docg Millesimato - Extra Dry

Memento - Vini Fiorotto

Elegancy. Smooth, luxurious, ripe, soft, rounded. Evokes the enchanting sensuality of the woman of one's heart. One of those wines that thrill the senses. Memento, with the softness and elegance of silk, is a special interpretation of a Prosecco dry: a felicitous marriage of white grapes only.

Its aromatic spectrum goes from the delicate, sweet sensations of white flowers to notes of mature exotic fruits. In the mouth it is dense and concentrated, almost sumptuous. This wine should be drunk after meals with not overly sweet cakes but can also be drunk with savoury dishes.

Perfect for any occasion. “Spritz Time”, aperitif “cool”, joins its magnification with aperitif to drink after work or an evening time with friends. Perfect with seas food, with meats and vegetable wisely prepared.

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Maior - Prosecco Superiore Docg - Dry

Maior - Vini Fiorotto

Identity. In other words, no limits, a constantly evolving value. Like the exclusive commitment needed to make this Prosecco. No compromises, no concessions, only the finest grapes from the various crus are earmarked for this icon wine.

Meticulous vinification and very lengthy refinement, an unique, magnificently golden and with ultra-fine perlage. Extraordinarily complex bouquet, exceptionally full and persistent taste.

Maior is No doubt it is a dessert wine and combined with pastry not too sweet.

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Vintage - Oldest Method - Extra Brut

Vintage - Vini Fiorotto

Original. It is the only and original Prosecco as our grandparents made it. The flowery bouquet that recall ripe fruits of season and demonstrate an liveliness, aggressive character, a prelude to the dry, vibrant and powerful flavour.

The oldest method consists, winemaking and fining in absence of machinery that depending on the temperature and weather conditions, undergoes spontaneous fermentation of its natural yeasts in the bottle.

What you get is a cuvée in purity which employs 12 months after the harvest, before reaching its highest expression of appreciation.

The absence of sugars makes indicated at any time: excellent from aperitif to dessert and throughout the meal with white meats and sea foods.

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