Seeing the differences

The plants are carefully tended by hand, due to the difficult nature of the land: rugged, steep and inaccessible to mechanical equipment.
They are grown with great effort at heights of up to 500 meters, on slopes that can reach gradients of 70%.
The vineyards mostly have a southern exposure and the majority are planted with Glera, with small areas of Perera, Bianchetta and Verdiso, the other varieties allowed in the Valdobbiadene blend.
They are vines of great vigor, cultivated along the gradient lines in “traverso” and “girapoggio” systems, with an average density of 3.000 to 4.500 vines per hectare.
Thanks to zonation, in depth studies have been carried out on the interaction here between vines and territory.
They have found strong temperature swings, a thin layer of soil and minimal water resources, factors that allow
for the production of grapes with good levels of sugars and acidity.
The wines are thus characterized by intense perfumes, notes of wisteria and white flowers, ripe fruit and tropical notes, peach, apricot and a light hint of citrus in the background.
The grapes from these “heroic” vineyards are used to make Rive, a new category in the Docg specifications.
In dialect, rive are the steepest vine yards, and Rive was created to celebrate the differences and nuances of their wines. It is made only with grapes from a single sub-zone, or a municipality, and the grapes are picked only by hand.