Prosecco symbol

Prosecco is the symbol of these lands, which the consortium, supported by local authorities and institutions, is working to have nominated as a Unesco World Heritage Cultural Landscape.
The initiative draws on three significant aspects that explain the distinctive nature of the Valdobbiadene hills.
The first aspect concerns the particularly fragile physical and geographical environment and the important interaction between humans and the landscape.
The hills of Valdobbiadene are unique because of the characteristics of the soil, microclimate and landscape. Grapevines have found an ideal habitat here, while the hand of man has done the rest, embroidering the hills with vineyards and over the centuries creating a rural landscape of seductive beauty.
Valdobbiadene Docg wine is produced in an area covered by just 15 municipalities, with grapes grown between 50 and 500 meters above sea level, on the south-facing slopes of a strip of hills.
The grape variety Glera, the base for Prosecco, has found here the ideal characteristics to best express itself: The winters are long but not excessively cold, while the summers are hot but not sweltering. The vines flourish in different places, with a wide variability in soil composition, exposure, gradient and altitude, making Valdobbiadene a wine of many nuances.