Spritz Time

The SPRITZ is Italy's most famous cocktail. Symbol city for Spritz is Treviso Italiy), the birthplace of Prosecco.

It stands for drinks and happy hour and is perfect for a drink after work or an evening time with friends.

Traditionally SPRITZ, born in Veneto, as based drink white wine and soda or mineral water.

Then, over the years and with the new generations, the recipe have been some changes and is still done in a different way depending on the creativity of the bartender.

Today the basic composition and the most used is the following: Prosecco (strictly brut or extra dry), Aperol (or Campari), soda (seltz) or mineral water. In some cases it adds the slice of orange.

The choice of "Spritz with Aperol" or "Spritz with Campari" matter of taste if preferred sweet taste (Aperol) or bitter (Campari).

Its alcohol content is still low and usually is around 15° (spritz with aperol) and 20° (spritz with Campari)

Ingredients for APEROL SPRITZ or CAMPARI SPRITZ with:

2 parts Aperol (or Campari),
3 parts Prosecco (Brut or Extra Dry)
Splash of seltz or soda.
Slice of orange

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