Fresh and elegant, versatile and low alcohol content, the Prosecco lends itself to many occasions of consumption, from aperitif to dessert to accompany informal moments and encounters the most refined taste.

Became famous throughout the world as an ambassador of Made in Italy, Prosecco is internationally recognized as the undisputed KING of the aperitif, a ritual that left Italy, and has now spread all over the world, from New York to Tokyo, stating a typical Italian style of drinking.

Due to the variability of residual sugar, Prosecco also appears suitable for consumption throughout the meal, the delicious local cuisine at the modern and sophisticated restaurants. With its pleasant, modern and moderate alcohol, this wine has established itself as the ideal accompaniment to a main dish, a gastronomic journey innovative and characterized by the high quality of raw materials, essential and at the same time full of suggestions.

A separate chapter deserves the combination with the local cuisine, which is considered "poor", but in reality is an expression of an ancient tradition of the products of the earth. Matrix rural, very tasty and full of flavors, is embellished with vegetables and berries, mushrooms, game and cheeses.

Prosecco, with its variety of styles, is presented in conjunction with the most precious fruits of the garden, such as radicchio, whose slight bitter taste is perfectly balanced by the sweet and fruity notes of the wine or asparagus, " winter flower ", used in the preparation of rice and white meat.

There are other products that enrich the local cuisine in the autumn seasons are well suited to combination with Prosecco, such as wild mushrooms, especially the mushrooms.

To embellish the tables autumn there is also the game, which by tradition is always cooked on a spit, roasted or stewed, and accompanied with polenta.

There are several cheeses of the region, with evocative names such as bastard, Morlacco and Inbriago, offering new tastes, suggesting new combinations.

The farming culture is also reflected in the presence of salami and particularly suppressed, authentic sausage tradition, produced locally by small sausage.

Every season is enriched with new fruits of nature and the charm of winter after you get to the spring, when the kitchen is renewed by drawing on the weeds of lawn and woods, turned into soups and rice dishes, kitchen pride of Treviso.

If the Prosecco fits ideally with the cooking traditions of the area, is also very suitable in combination with fish dishes, such as those proposed in the Adriatic or skewers of shrimp and scallop on the nearby peninsula of Istria.

The versatile character of this wine makes it perfect then for the exploration of new horizons food, data from the kitchens of the world, from Thai to Japanese, the Prosecco is suitable for exotic combinations, to accompany sushi, sashimi, seafood and shellfish.



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