“Aperitivo” an italian style

Valdobbiadene has all of the qualities to make it a favorite choice for an aperitivo, an Italian-style pre-dinner (or pre-lunch) drink. Fresh and elegant, not weighed down by a complex structure, it has a restrained alcohol level and pairs easily with many kinds of foods. So it should come as no surprise that Prosecco, is by now unanimously recognized as the symbol of an Italian-style aperitivo. The trend has been evident for several years in Milan, launching pad for every new trend, and has now spread throughout the rest of Italy.
In the northeast of the country, it is by now a longstanding tradition. In the area around Treviso, and indeed all of Veneto, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene has long been the undisputed star of the aperitivo, the moment that marks the end of the working day and the start of the social evening. Today, the wine’s prominence is stronger than ever. Data from the Valdobbiadene Consortium’s study center confirm that the wine’s popularity outside of Italy continues to grow, especially in gastronomic hot spots like New York and London.
Here Prosecco of Valdobbiadene Docg is really taking off. An important example? A Prosecco bar has even been opened in the heart of Manhattan, offering a selection of the best labels of Prosecco.
The initiative proved so popular that the bar eventually changed its name to Prosecco Lounge Bar, serving the sparkling Italian-made aperitif every day of the week. This offers further proof that the denomination has been able to export not only excellent wines, but also a real philosophy of life and wine drinking, defined by its classy but always informal style.
If the aperitivo is “the” moment to enjoy Prosecco wines, its natural home, it is fundamental to guarantee a versatile style of wine, inspiring a search for the most suitable food pairing.
For Prosecco this is represented by a light cuisine, using high quality, genuine ingredients that express the essence of the aperitivo in its most authentic spirit: a glass of excellent wine accompanied by no more than one or two snacks, perhaps some finger foods or typical regional products, excellent cured meats or crudités, followed by raw fish, salmon, salt cod or sushi.
For example, in London, where Prosecco is often served at important events, it is frequently accompanied by canapés in pure English style, with the typical flavors of local tradition. The result?
Very satisfying, of course! Prosecco brings with it the healthy pleasure of the Italian aperitivo, the pleasure of quality wine and food enjoyed with intelligence and moderation; it stimulates the appetite, bringing its freshness and vivacity to all moments of the day.

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