The hills of Prosecco

Hills roll sinuously on Valdobbiadene, opening up into small valleys colored intense shades of green, speckled with the yellow of ripe grapes. Viewpoints offer a wide panorama over rows of vines, country houses and a tranquility that soothes the eye. This calm landscape is one of the most beautiful in Italy.
The charm of these places, harmonious and serene like a late summer afternoon, is wedded to the pleasure of a wine that expresses a faithful reflection of a terroir, its people, its history and the living traditions that offer a strong continuity with the past. This landscape is defined by wine.
The Valdobbiadene hills, as well as its villages, hamlets, farmhouses and families, all speak of a very particular wine, of effervescence, of fine bubbles moving harmoniously in a glass.
For 20-odd kilometers, between gentle hills, small villages and secluded corners, you can feel this perfumed nectar on your skin.

Vini Fiorotto